Roadway ImprovementsThe update of the Miami-Dade County Long Range Transportation Plan to the Year 2035 is a primary activity in Miami-Dade County's transportation planning process to meet federal and state requirements for an update of the Transportation Plan every five years.

Federal law requires that the LRTP address minimum of a 20-year planning horizon from the date of the MPO adoption. The 2035 LRTP was approved by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Governing Board in October 2009.

This plan update includes in-depth consideration of intermodal improvement opportunities, freight movement, Intelligent Transportation System technologies, and Congestion Management Process (per SAFETEA-LU - Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Efficient Transportation Equity Act - A Legacy for Users Transportation, 23 CFR 450.320 and accompanying regulations).

One of the major emphases of this Plan Update is the inclusion of projects that improve the operation of the existing system. This emphasis on increasing the efficiency of the current infrastructure, in light of the soaring construction costs, is embodied in the Congestion Management Process, adopted concurrently and incorporated into the LRTP. Congestion management includes the implementation of strategies designed to reduce vehicle trips; shift trips from single-occupancy vehicles to high-occupancy vehicles; and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing transportation system.

Other emphases of this plan update involves the consideration of non-motorized modes of transportation and freight transportation improvements. The inclusion of non-motorized improvements in the plan promote quality of life issues for the County’s residents and visitors and include sidewalk improvements, and pedestrian and bicycle trail improvements. The plan’s dedicated section for freight transportation improvements is a critical component of the plan, providing for improvements to the County’s economic engine to support the economic growth and prosperity of the County.

The plan addresses all local, state, and federal planning requirements and includes a detailed review of and compliance with provisions in SAFETEA-LU regulations, 23 CFR 450 and the eight planning factors found in 23 CFR 450.306.