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LRTP Documents

Public Involvement Plan

Public Involvement Plan
The Public Involvement Plan documents the public involvement activities to be conducted during the LRTP Update process.

Data Compilation Review and Development

Data Compilation, Review and Development Report
The Data Compilation Report documents the development of future socioeconomic data and other data used in the forecast of transportation needs.

Model Validation Report

Model Validation Review Report
The Model Validation Review Report summarizes the inputs, outputs, and performance of the Southeast Florida Regional Planning Model, the tool used to forecast transportation needs.

Financial Resources

Financial Resources Review and Update Report
The Financial Resources Report documents the review and projections of existing and alternative funding sources that can be used to fund transportation improvements.

ETDM Process

Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) Report
The ETDM Report documents the process used to allow resource and regulatory agencies and the public to comment on potential socio-cultural impacts of candidate transportation projects during the development of the LRTP.

LRTP Adoption Document

Long Range Transportation Plan Adoption Document
The LRTP Adoption Document documents the entire process of developing the various plan alternatives, the development of costs for each project, and the project evaluation and prioritization methodology.

Regional LRTP

LRTP Executive Summary
The Executive Summary provides a condensed version of the Adoption Document, including the highlights of the LRTP development process and results.

Regional LRTP

Regional LRTP Report
The Regional LRTP Report documents the regional coordination process with Broward and Palm Beach counties and final development of the Year 2035 Regional Plan.

Regional LRTP

Directional Trip Distribution Report
The Directional Trip Distribution Report provides an estimate of travel by direction for each individual transportation analysis zone in Miami-Dade County.

Regional LRTP

Revenue and Cost Tables
The Revenue and Cost tables provide a summary of plan revenues and costs by agency, revenue source, facility type, and priority period.

Regional LRTP

Cost Feasible Project List
The Cost Feasible Project List provides a list of cost feasible projects with costs by phase and period.